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Ultra-low Pressure and Highly Selective Membrane (DF)

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顶级彩票 A type of ultra-low pressure with the molecular cutoff of 100~500 Dalton, and the soluble inorganic salt passes selectively.

Membrane Properties

Stable performance

Low operational pressure

High product water

顶级彩票 Excellent molecular cutting off 

顶级彩票 Outstanding contaminant resistance

Appropriate rejection

High COD removal

DF Membrane Technical Characteristics

顶级彩票 Technical comparison between DF and RO in wastewater treatment

No. Index  Items    DF membrane       RO membrane
1 Operational theory Solubility & diffusion +electric charge + sieving Solubility & diffusion
2 Operational pressure Low High
3 Recovery Rate High, over 90% Low, below 80%
4 Selective rejection High Low
5 Organic contaminant removal High High
6 Energy consume Low High

顶级彩票 Process comparison between DF and traditional supply water treatment in further wastewater treatment

No. Items Index                             DF membrane     Ozone + activated carbon + UF membrane
1   Technical features The fourth generation supply water treatment, edge-cutting, simple and shorter process The third generation supply water treatment, mature and stable, complex, longer process
2   Operational theory Solubility & diffusion +electric charge + sieving (totally physical) Chemical oxidation +biological degradation+adsorption & filtration (physical & biochemical)
3 Effluent safety Safe, water quality secured Safe but with risk
4 Organisms removal High Average high
5 Microbes removal Completely Not completely
6 Heavy metal removal Good Bad
7 Energy consume Higher OK
8 Land taking Small Big


Target Market

顶级彩票 Reclaimed water further treatment

顶级彩票 Urban feed water further treatment

Household drinking water purification